From New York Times Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

Sometimes fated love requires some good old-fashioned magikal meddling.

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A Druid of Her Own (Book Four in the Druid Series)

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Immortal, seductive, able to shift into a wolf, and downright sinful highland warrior, Kennard O’Caha has had only one mission for the past several centuries—find and destroy the dark sorcerer Athol. Now that the job is done, it’s time to park his motorcycle, kick up his boots, enjoy a few drinks and possibly find a honey to warm his bed for a night, after all there is nothing that quite refuels the magik than pleasure.

That is the plan, anyways.

Too bad life has something else in store for this magikal biker badboy. When a stubborn redhead is set in his path, its all he can to do to keep from instantly claiming her—his mate. Evil has its sights set on his woman and he’s not about to let her go without one hell of a fight.

 Nov 30, 2015

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