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Grimm Cove, #3 USA TODAY Bestseller! 

The world of magik doesn’t care who you are. When it sets its sights on you, there will be “spell” to pay.


Grimm Cove FAQ

Q: How many books are planned for the series?

A: As long as readers are buying them, I’ll keep writing them. The wonderful thing about the town is that there is always someone to write about.

Q: Will you ever write any books for some of the established couples, like Ellie-Sue and Tuck Proctor, or Jeffrey’s parents? 

A: I’ve entertained writing a prequel series for Grimm Cove that has a book for each of the existing couples, taking readers on their journey of how they met and ended up mated.

Q: Do you really do all the research that is listed in the back of your books?

A: Yes. Actually, I do far more than is listed. I love to learn new things and find creative ways to weave that information into my books. Do I ever screw things up? Oh, I’m sure I do LOL but I try very, very, very hard to make sure I know as much as I can about something before I write about it.