Spellcasting with a Chance of Spirits

Every cloud has a silver lining…even in matters of the heart.

I can see and hear the dead. I can also talk to animals. As a natural-born witch and medium, I can do a lot of odd things. In most people’s eyes, that makes me a loon. I like to think of it as being unique and eccentric. Plus, now that destiny has brought me back to the town I was born in, I’m not all that different from the supernatural residents of Grimm Cove.

When I find myself being hunted by a dark entity, I turn to the only person who can really help. Too bad he dislikes people in general, would rather keep to himself, and is positive my elevator doesn’t stop at all floors. Plus, he’s not a fan of squirrels which does put a kink in things considering my familiar is one. Should make for an interesting adventure seeing as how he’s my mate and we’re destined for one another.

*Release dates are subject to change.

Note to Readers:

You might start getting notices about me moving around my upcoming pre-orders dates. With vendors working with skeleton crews and a number of other factors, I wanted to be SURE to give ample time for final files to process through at each vendor.

To avoid any possible issues, I’m adjusting the release dates. My hope is that by preemptively taking this step, the books will make it to you in their full form with no issues beyond the release date moving.

To anyone wondering why I don’t just bump them all out 3 or so months, and why the dates have only moved in 30-day windows, it because some vendors only allow me to adjust in 30-day increments.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, making sure you get the absolute best book I can put out is my number one priority.

Thank you all so much for understanding.

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