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  • Those who want to learn about what Mandy has coming up in the future.
  • Those who want emailed when Mandy has a sale or news to share.
  • Those who want to know when Mandy releases a new book.
  • Those who want to read additional newsletter only content that Mandy puts out.
  • Those who understand they may only get one newsletter a month from Mandy or maybe two a week if she needs to share news.

Who should NOT sign up?

  • Those only looking for freebies.
  • Those who sign up for a newsletter only to turn around and report a newsletter as spam the minute it comes.
  • Spammers.
  • Anyone under the age of 18.

*Mandy and her team of helpers do NOT sign anyone up for the newsletter. And everyone must confirm wanting to get it. So, if you’re getting it and you don’t want it, you must unsubscribe from it. Mandy cannot do it for you as she did not sign you up. You can unsubscribe here. Thanks :)



Membership to the Mailing List

On this web page you can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the mailing list Mandy does NOT add any emails to the list. If you want to receive the newsletter YOU must add your email and confirm via the email confirmation. If you want OFF the list YOU must unsubscribe via the “please remove me” section here. Mandy does not have access to the list of emails.

Important: You MUST hit confirm on the email this sign up will auto send you or you will NOT be signed up for Mandy’s newsletter

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